Sick and tired of being harvested, smashed and murdered for human consumption, the avocados are angry… and looking for vengeance! Join them as they reclaim their antioxidants by arming themselves with whatever they can, experiment with genetic and robotic upgrades and even the fusing of avo-alien hybrids to build an army and get their revenge!

Angry Avocados is a collection of 10,000 angry (and delicious!) uniquely generated NFTs that exist on the Polygon Blockchain. Rare custom experimental avo-warriors fill the collection for you to find!

Each Avocado is a unique combination of 9 traits with over 300 variations including Weapons, Tattoos, Scars (plus more) and ready for battle – some more powerful than others! The first 30 avo-recruits have been reserved for community prizes and giveaways and the remaining will cost 0.03ETH and will be available for purchase on October 17, 2021.

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September 2021 Stage 1 - Build an army!
In this stage the Angry Avocado team will be focusing on the design, development and creation of the unique 10,000 strong avo army and the Angry Avocado community website - the Avo generals have imposed a compulsory conscription!
October 2021 Stage 2 (25% recruitment) - Build for the future!
In every war there are casualties - so we must plan for the future! When we reach this goal the Angry Avocado team will donate $5000 to a charity supporting sustainable farming for the future! This will be an ongoing investment in the avocado army at regular intervals (50%, 75% and 100%).
October 2021 Stage 3 (50% recruitment) - Avocado War Room!
If the President of the United States of America has a war room - then the Angry Avocados need an EVEN BETTER one! The Angry Avocado team will implement a community war room where holders of an NFT can outline their war plans!
Decemeber 2021 Stage 4 (75% recruitment) - Weapon upgrades
An army is never complete - in this stage the Angry Avocado team will experiment with weapon upgrades. Turn your common NFT into a one of a kind custom design with glyph upgrades. Thats right our design team will create you a custom hand crafted NFT with the glyph of your choosing making it even rarer (but not over-ripe!) Follow us on twitter for glyph giveaways as we get closure to their release!
Q1 2022 Stage 5 (90% recruitment) - Experimental upgrades
Shit is getting real - in this stage the Angry Avocado team will experiment with bio-modification and a range of other unethical and controversial avo modifications! The cyborg and alien avo's have already infiltrated the bunch, chose your side and mod out your NFT. Redeem to the Angry Avocado design team to incorporate into your existing NFT, transforming (and possibly mutating) their warrior even further!
Q1 2022 Stage 6 (100% recruitment) - Custom merch and IRL uniforms!
The Angry Avocado team will work towards bringing your NFT to life - Custom posters, mugs, Angry Avocado shirts, hoodies and more based on your NFT!
Q1 2022 Partnership Series
Major companies will be invited to create custom specialised NFTs. Purchase of partner design Angry Avocados will unlock special benefits with the partner company including turning your Verch into IRL merch!
Q1/Q2 2022 On The Horizon: The Resistance
The Angry Avocado team will begin constructing the HUMAN RESISTANCE to fight back against the bloodthirsty horde of Angry Avos bearing down - together we will feast once again!
Q1/Q2 2022 On The Horizon: Outlaw Avo Gangs
The call to arms has reached rogue (and often severely rotten) Outlaw Avo Gangs who have been recruited to the cause. Bikie warlords and their enforcers, underworld crime lords and their gangbangers, pimps and their ho’s… Each gang follows their glorious leader into battle supported by a number of unique members. Join a faction and fall in line to the outlaw overlords.
The Future: Angry Avocados The Game
Play your NFT character in the Angry Avocado game. Choose your faction in the fight for supremacy.

Angry Avocado Spotlight

Angry Avocado #420 – ultra rare one of a kind creation.

Aliens have invaded the planet and are taking over by converting angry avocados into cyborgs. The alien invasion has begun, find the other UFO Invasion and Alien Abduction & Futuristic City backgrounds for future special rare mints when combined with glyphs!

Background: Futuristic City

Rarity: 0.19% have this

Face: Raging

Rarity: 0.21% have this

Hair & Accessories: None

Rarity: 0.02% have this

Freshness: Perfectly Ripe

Rarity: 1.83% have this

Shoes: Stripped Gold

Rarity: 3.05% have this

Tattoos: None

Rarity: 48.99% have this

Weapons: Cyborg Arms

Rarity: 0.01% have this

Extras: Cyborg Infantry

Rarity: 0.01% have this

Scars: Neck & Stomach Cuts

Rarity: 0.01% have this


Co-Founder & Lead Design
Co-Founder & Lead Development

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